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Ideas, styles, clips

Novel Media - experts in the field of high end motion design, on air and screen design as well as having a host of experience in format production – is a major landmark in the creative business sector. Everything we produce, from a print logo to a website, or format packaging and 3D graphic illustrations, all our visual elements have an impact – thanks to precision, attention to detail, and ingenuity.

Our clients’ ideas are our inspiration. We liaise with our clients every step of the way, from a first glance at the draft until the final approval striving to surpass their expectations when the finished product is delivered.

InsideUS Opening

Doppelpass Opening

EASD Hostess Briefing - Kinetic

PS Profis 2014 - Opening

Funny Breaks – Opening

Track Day – Opening

Mittendrin – Opening

DFB – Opening

Turbo - Das Automagazin Opening

SEK Ludolf – Opening

Wild Wanna Bees – Opening

Männermovie – Opening

Motorvision – Opening